A Taste of History with Joyce White

Watch Joyce on MPT's Eatin' the Chesapeake: The Five Feasts (original air date, April 23, 2018) in the last segment that focuses on an historic Maryland feast. Click the link below: 

Food Historian, Joyce White, can immerse you in another time through presentations focused on how food can shape and be shaped by political, social, economic, and technological forces.  All food history programs are composed of a visual PowerPoint presentation followed by a range of food and/or drink tastings.

If you love to eat and want to know more about food history, Joyce White can provide your organization with a unique, informative, and tasty presentation.

“Joyce White is my “go-to” expert whenever I undertake a foodways project. Her programs are informative and inspiring and her food is delicious!”                Alexandra Deutsch, Chief Curator of the Maryland Historical Society